Saturday, 14 December 2013

Joeri Christiaen: Director @ THURISTAR


THURISTAR for an indie production company developing and producing animation content. To me this is shockingly excellent, probably the most entertaining indie short iv ever watched, Like My favorite, really really funny, freakish horse and really cleaver. I have just finished watching all 29 of the studio videos on vimeo.

So they also have making of videos and they are not some pixar bs for kids showing off their latest scooters .. Its in depth. It teaches you great steps in production with long time laps/ what programs they use. ect ect.  .

Making Of

 & this really cool video on VFX all for whats been happening recently I guess. It plays with playing with a character within a character. Its so good, must see, spoiler(starwars).

I think It is a shame that I found this video on a blog but with nothing underneath for people to really know the story of it. Studios blast out so much skill, RSIs war stories, making awesome behind the scenes on these movies. I cant be a blog that just posts the Embed format this deserves allot more if not all of them do. So I've gone all out with this one and blabbed on and only talking about how I'm a massive sapp for this film probably. So be it.

Stay Tuned for more of this character in MY KNIGHT AND ME @ teamto

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