Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hayao Miyazaki: "stop jerking off on your Ipads and paint with paint you bunch of eremitical otakus"

 The dude doesn't animate without a death stick in his moth and jabbers on while he's drawing beautiful animation of a girl talking about how must young punks that want to be animators don't know jack about observation and are all a load of anime nerds. His massage is clear. "get off your Ipads and stop look like your jerking off trying to use a paint App. Pick up a pencil and start appreciate real nature around you and observing real people".

He decided to come to America as a favour to his long time friend, Pixar and Disney chief creative officer (and fellow Oscar-winning director) John Lasseter but actually sticks his fingers up to awards from the US. His opinions of the government as corporate oil thieving scum bombing Iraq is quite funny. "I thought I had to respond to my friendship with John Lasseter and come this time," Miyazaki said.

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