Friday, 14 March 2014

Colourblind: A Wooden Stop-Motion Short for Elliot the Bull 
The first single from our upcoming Dazed EP.
Made by

"Oh Yeah Wow are a rag tag pack of unlicensed pyrotechnicians, unappreciated comedians and unknown celebrities specialising in animation, visual effects and film. In a landscape inhabited by sharks creating heartless, derivative content, Oh Yeah Wow sails the boat of freedom on the waves of integrity aided by the delicious North winds of determination. Collectively we pursue magic, excellence, innovation and the occasional intake of vitamin D."

Animation: Samuel Lewis
VFX Supervisor/Colourist: Andrew Goldsmith
VFX Technical Support: Josh Thomas
Set Construction & Design: Benjamin Brayshaw
Art Department: Kane Grose, Wen Rarinthip, Samantha Scafidi
Motion Control Design: Glen Anderson (
Special Thanks: James Bailey, Mike Greaney, James Lewis, James Martin, Francesca Ohlert, Nikki Santos

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