Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Incredibles 2 confirmed today by Disney CEO Bob Iger

Pixar employees were excited to finally be able to talk about The Incredibles 2
as Disney CEO Bob Iger Announces they are indeed making... The Incredibles 2 . He also Annoyances a Cars 3 to be made! (pun intended).
Yes! Brad Bird is and will be.. well... he better be. hopefully after Tomorrowland.
There is not much else to report other than I know Bird was very picky with a story line to say yes to a sequel and once brad knows what he wants, production could go very quickly!
Happy days..

One fact to go away with also:
In order to convince Sarah Vowell -- who had never done voice acting before -- to take the role of Violet, Pixar animators animated one of her "This American Life" segments and showed it to her.

You can see that clip here: (skip to 5.40)

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